Felted Cat Cave pre-Part 1

So there are these felted cat caves.

I must make one! I attempted this once already and failed, and eventually I will talk about that and show off my incredible fail, but I just got my fibre for my second attempt!Image

I have some other stuff too, but 500g of it is grey. Which I figured would be perfect for a rock, but oh no! I don’t want to wet felt that, I want to spin it!


So. Not sure if I’m going to go ahead with the wet-felting just yet, or if I’m going to order more and spin this. I have this nagging feeling that it wants to be a cardigan, despite how noble of an existance being a cat cave would be.

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Dragon’s Rest Shawl

This shawl pattern – Dragon’s Rest Shawl, by Abigail Phelps

is lovely and magical and huge and gorgeous IRL! My pictures do not adequately capture the colours, as I did it in my living room and it was poorly lit, but here it is!


I just have to show it off, I’m absolutely enamoured of it.


I’ve got a bit better pics of what the colours look like in real life – it’s really something, the whole thing. I’m going to try and make an appropriate shawl pin for it.

SONY DSC SONY DSC Araucania Aysen colourway 831. Probably going to have that picture above with the yarn as a wallpaper, once I get around to sizing it perfectly.

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The colours, they just got away on me

Believe it or not, this yarn was a fail!

SONY DSC A really, really pretty fail! It was supposed to look basically like this, but pastel. In my currently sleep deprived state, this is what it became. I loooooooove it.

It’s going to be a sundress when it grows up.

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Amaranthus Shawl

So exciting!

heartshawlThis is the drawing my friend made after thinking of it while on the toilet. I can’t quite remember what the conversation was that caused it, but there it is anyway.

“But hearts always look so corny! I don’t know if I can make them not corny!”


Well I tried, and I’m happy enough with the result.

SONY DSCMy Flickr and of course my Ravelry profile have more pictures of it, but there you go.

It’s being test-knit as I type. Yay ❤


Close up in the snow

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So I bought a couple of balls of Gjestal Tinde, intending to make a nice worsted weight shawl. After a few hours of deep failure at being creative and mathing, I was whining on gtalk to my friend and while on the toilet, she comes up with something and draws it on a piece of paper. In short, it was plain, with some design on the bottom and we immediately both loved it.


2013-01-25 12.04.44

Pickles and the Wollmeise

Suddenly, the shawl I was planning became fingering weight (I have had this ball of Wollmeise in Himbeere for quite a while, and finally now it had a purpose) and an entirely different pattern. Yay!

I promised to develop it in the near future, and what do you know. Three days later I’ve ordered beads for the edging and got it almost completly charted out. It’s actually cast-onable at this point, but I still have to get the biggest part of the chart to be less of a monster.

Eating, coffee and I’m getting this sucker done so I can start knitting it. THE EXCITEMENT.

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Christmas Giftbox Cards

I am not a Holidays-y type of person. I try to be. The best I do is my annual mulled wine and/or eggnog (the latter, by the way, is delicious. I know, I know, you probably don’t like eggnog. You really can’t say that without trying homemade eggnog, though. It isn’t the same, and I don’t mean just a shift in taste. It’s an entirely different and luxurious drink, but I’ll save this for another time) and I made a gingerbread house a couple of times.

Well, this year I wanted to send out Christmas cards for the first time ever. My first step toward domestic goddessship. Next up – I fucking bake cookies or something.

2012-12-09 19.35.37

The finished product. The edges of this one are not stuck together perfectly, but I fixed that before I sent it. So this is really just more or less how they turned out.

Anyway, I wanted something a little different and was not trusting myself to come up with anything cute or decorative enough to guilt people into saving them (at least for a little while) after the fact. So I made what was basically cards as little gift ornaments. Due to being overwhelmed at Christmas, I had no chance to get really great pictures, but I did document some of the process. Sorry for the terrible formatting on this post. The whole process was beyond irritating, the pictures kept shifting around and changing orders, and it NEVER looked the same as it did when I actually published it.



The template was just some square notepaper I have. Two triangles and two rectangles per box. They proportioned nicely.


I used a guide so I could see that the ribbon would be centered on the outside.


Folded the triangles before sticking them on and attaching the ribbon to the underside. The pic shows them folded with the right side out, but they fold the other way when in the envelope.


The ribbon attached.


Holes. I used an awl because I have one of those and no hole punch.



2013-01-15 11.34.22

My somewhat messy prototype card, demonstrating how they fold inwards to sit in the envelopes.

2012-12-09 19.35.22

I found really cute little tags for them at Tiimari.

I made them using really gift-y looking card stock. Ridiculously, I used tape. Tape!  I had reasoning for this, though! I wanted the joins to remain soft, so they wouldn’t be too deformed after sitting in envelopes for days and days.

The greetings were glued onto the sides on off-white paper torn pseudo-creatively and stuck onto sparkly gold corrugated paper/cardboard stuff. Me, my husband and our two cats wrote our names on in gold paint marker and I stuck them on. They turned out really pretty, but I don’t really have pictures of that.

I ended up overloading myself before Christmas and getting overwhelmed, so I failed to take pictures of these and everything else I did over the holiday. Bah!










So that was that! I had 4 different colours, and I included a poorly-drawn graphic which each one in case someone couldn’t figure out what the hell I’d sent them. It seems to have worked okay though, everyone got their little gift box cards and got them set up alright.

Next year I think I’ll go for some kind of pop-up scene.

Edited to add: I really hate how this post looks, but it was annoying enough to just get it like this. I’ll never get around to making it nice looking.

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Silk lies.

This silk. Seriously.


Top to bottom: napkin, yarn, ribbon, more yarn, blue rubber glove. The yarn matches the glove better than the ribbon and napkin. I feel fooled.

So after it dried, despite matching the ribbon more exactly than I ever thought possible, it was almost an ice blue. Wow, I thought to myself. This will not do. I will add a bit of yellow, so little yellow at a time, I will slowly cajole it back into being the lovely deep turquoise it led me to believe it was.

So very little yellow. Nothing happens. No appreciable change at all. Okay, I thought. I will add that same amount again, oh so carefully, so as not to turn the whole thing green. It takes but a tiny amount of yellow to turn a blue to green, so I wanted to be as safe as I could.

It turns green. Okay. This time I do not take a picture. As it is, it’s still a bit lighter than what I had aimed for originally, so I’ve got room for error.

I proceed to spend all of today adding blue three times. Three! The first two times, almost nothing happened. The third time… well, the yarn is still in my cauldron, so who knows. I’m confident I’ve got it this time. I have been confident every time. But for real now. Really.

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