This is Astrid. Her cage is really only a suggestion.

The fur on her face is so shiny that the light is giving her a funny expression, and her hair is slicked back from playing on the couch, so you don’t get a good view of her usual hairstyle, but this is about how she looks now about a month after my last harvest .

At some point, I’ll spin the fibre I’ve harvested off of her and knit myself a nice, soft, lace scarf. I’ll manage it sometime in between running around trying to get her to stop bothering the cat so much and stop eating the couch and oh my god, please stop trying to go behind the tv. I know I could set up a pen for her, but this is more fun. We’ve got hose around all the cables, and she is never out without supervision, but I could have a whole hobby surrounding watching her come up with solutions to problems and finding ways to be subversive.

She is definitely the weirdest person in the house. I’m going to have to expand on that sometime.



Anyway, I just wanted to introduce Astrid.


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2 Responses to Astrid

  1. vuchickens says:

    She’s so pretty! I’m jealous, I want an Angora rabbit. 🙂

    • Isn’t she?! I love when she is in full coat. She is so stubborn and behaves like a complete princess, but she has moments where she is so sweet and acts so happy to see us that it makes up for it. I had no idea rabbits were the characters they are.

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