My startitis, let me show you it

My startitis is out of control at the moment. I have a list as long as my arm of crafts and knitting projects I really want finished by the end of October. It’s actually almost winding down now, as I just finished a test-knit (one commitment down!) and decided to put something else on hold. 

And almost immediately, in between band practices and constantly supervising my rabbit, I am starting with this yarn I dyed. Image

This yarn … I had meant to dye it sort of an icy blue-grey, to go with the silver beads I ordered. It turned out lavender-grey with a dark sheen at different angles. Not what I had intended, but it’s an improvement so I don’t care too much. It always does unnerve me to miss the mark with colours, but in this case I’m somewhat grateful. 


I really need a pair of gloves anyway.

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