So I bought a couple of balls of Gjestal Tinde, intending to make a nice worsted weight shawl. After a few hours of deep failure at being creative and mathing, I was whining on gtalk to my friend and while on the toilet, she comes up with something and draws it on a piece of paper. In short, it was plain, with some design on the bottom and we immediately both loved it.


2013-01-25 12.04.44

Pickles and the Wollmeise

Suddenly, the shawl I was planning became fingering weight (I have had this ball of Wollmeise in Himbeere for quite a while, and finally now it had a purpose) and an entirely different pattern. Yay!

I promised to develop it in the near future, and what do you know. Three days later I’ve ordered beads for the edging and got it almost completly charted out. It’s actually cast-onable at this point, but I still have to get the biggest part of the chart to be less of a monster.

Eating, coffee and I’m getting this sucker done so I can start knitting it. THE EXCITEMENT.

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