Silk lies.

This silk. Seriously.


Top to bottom: napkin, yarn, ribbon, more yarn, blue rubber glove. The yarn matches the glove better than the ribbon and napkin. I feel fooled.

So after it dried, despite matching the ribbon more exactly than I ever thought possible, it was almost an ice blue. Wow, I thought to myself. This will not do. I will add a bit of yellow, so little yellow at a time, I will slowly cajole it back into being the lovely deep turquoise it led me to believe it was.

So very little yellow. Nothing happens. No appreciable change at all. Okay, I thought. I will add that same amount again, oh so carefully, so as not to turn the whole thing green. It takes but a tiny amount of yellow to turn a blue to green, so I wanted to be as safe as I could.

It turns green. Okay. This time I do not take a picture. As it is, it’s still a bit lighter than what I had aimed for originally, so I’ve got room for error.

I proceed to spend all of today adding blue three times. Three! The first two times, almost nothing happened. The third time… well, the yarn is still in my cauldron, so who knows. I’m confident I’ve got it this time. I have been confident every time. But for real now. Really.

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