A new addition to the hobby family

I’ve got a spinning wheel now.

This has been a long time coming, I’ve been after one for a while.

20€ on huuto.net, guy brought it to Espoo from Hyvinkää. Flyer was cracked, a few things were wobbly, but it doesn’t look like anything I can’t fix up alright. The flyer is split, and there is a chunk missing from the bobbin, so we ordered a replacement flyer/spindle/whorl everything off of ebay, and it arrived from Estonia 2 days later. Until I put some wooden shims in to stop the uprights from the bit of wobbling they do, I’ve got paper stuffed in there.

I’ve replaced the leather bearings. I’ve waxed and oiled everything that needed to be oiled. I am not yet afraid of any woodworking and repair that will have to be done.

"new" spinning wheel

Note paper.

It runs. Reasonably smoothly. I am beside myself with excitement.

Currently, it lives in front of the cat tree/apparatus and their water fountain. I’m not sure that’s what I want permanently, but at the moment it gives my butt good access to sit on the coffee table and attempt to spin.

I’m sure I won’t give up my drop spindles completely, but as it is I’VE GOT A SPINNING WHEEL NOW, so this is definitely at the top of the priority list as far as adding to my yarn stash goes.

So after I am done cleaning up my kitchen and putting some sock yarn in water to soak, I know what I’m settling down to do.  Here’s hoping the learning curve isn’t so steep that I cry and throw everything across the room as I am oft wont to do. But whatever anyway, I’ve got a spinning wheel now.

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2 Responses to A new addition to the hobby family

  1. ilikecolours says:

    This is the coolest wheel I’ve ever seen.

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