A wedding approacheth. Part 1.

So I have a habit of taking on projects. Sometimes they are large and overwhelming, sometimes they are just many in number. This particular project, although within my management range without over-stressing myself, is a bit high stakes.

My BFF is getting married at the beginning of September! Her colours are white and turquoise. My quest is to dye 500g of mulberry silk yarn to match the ribbon on her wedding bouquet, make a pattern and knit up a shrug to wear with her dress.

And since I have promised constant updates, it only makes sense to do this in blog form with pictures.

The yarn with the bowl

My glass “soakingbowl” and the yarn. It looks so ropey and blah here.

It’s DK weight. Soft, shiny, silky. This shrug will have such luxurious drape to it. It feels wonderful, like some kind of baby silk-kitten or something. That sounds weird, right? I don’t know how else to put it! It’s absolutely luscious.

So first thing I do is put it in my big glass bowl that I soak my yarn in before I dye it. I soaked it for a good 24 hours before I added anything else to it (aside from a few drops of dish soap). Silk apparently floats ridiculously and has generally unruly behaviour in water, so I went and mucked around with it every so often to make sure it was squeezed and squished and fluffed around under the water for maximum soaked and wettedness.

Here are my progress pictures in my journey to get the yarn to match the ribbon:

Too green

A bit too green

My intentions were for a solid. However, things were looking a bit too green compared to the ribbon, so I decided to give it a wash of blue. Since my citric acid was already added at this point, I would end up with a semisolid, as an even dye uptake would be almost impossible now.

That’s good news for the yarn. It’s subjective and a bit of a blanket statement, but in my opinion semisolids look like they have more dimension to them. A shiny yarn like this is going to be just stunning (if I do say so myself), swirly and different depths of turquoises and blue. However, it’s annoying news for me, as I set out to make a solid and was thwarted thusly. I like things to go perfectly and according to my plans.

I even included a reflection of the light above my stove.

Here, the yarn looks bluer than the ribbon, but it’s actually a pretty good match. I pulled one of the skeins out and looked at it outside of the water and almost wept when I saw how pretty the blue-greens were. I’m having flashes of impatience now. I’ve got the lace pattern and general construction of the shrug planned out, all I need is my yarn stewed and dried out.

So now we wait. It’s in my cauldron as of the typing of this entry, so I’m going to sit here in the kitchen and try and play some Fallout: New Vegas to try and keep me from staring at it and making it seem to take even longer.

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3 Responses to A wedding approacheth. Part 1.

  1. agujasblog says:

    that’s quite an undertaking. i can’t wait to see the shrug.

  2. stacy says:

    Me neither! :O
    -The BFF who gives her wedding party unreasonable projects.

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